Five Steps to The Perfect Smile

Five Steps to The Perfect Smile

There are many factors that make up our judgement of people we meet – appearance, personality, demeanour and more. But did you know that what your smile looks like can have a bigger impact on what someone thinks of you than you might have thought?

A recent survey by Oral-B found that nearly 70% of respondents assumed that those with good teeth had a university education, while 82% believed they earned a higher salary. While it’s clear to see that your teeth can play an instrumental role in how you are perceived, you may be left wondering how to give yourself a smile makeover.

The team here at Riverside Dental have put together the top five treatments guaranteed to give you a celebrity smile. 

  1. Lighten and Brighten

Having your teeth whitened is one of the most cost-effective ways of brightening up your teeth and shaving years off your appearance. From as little as £150, you can try a tried and trusted tooth whitening kit at home, or you can opt for an in-house tooth whitening course. The Enlighten Whitening System is the crème da la crème of tooth whitening, and the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a ‘VITA Shade B1’, which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide.

  1. Set Them Straight

Crooked teeth don’t just look uneven, they can stop you cleaning your teeth properly. Teeth that are folding over each other means grime can get in between them, making your teeth stained and decayed. This doesn’t just make you look older but can mean you lose your teeth later down the line. Straightening your teeth with an invisible brace, such as Six Month Smiles or Invisalign can allow you to have the smile you want, have healthier teeth and most of all, avoid the conspicuousness of traditional braces!

  1. Give Them A Clean

Having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist is like having your teeth brushed on a whole new level. Your hygienist can get into every nook and cranny to ensure your teeth are free of debris and plaque, making your smile brighter and your breath fresher. Most hygienist visits only take ten minutes, so what are you waiting for? Book in with your hygienist today!

  1. Fill in The Gaps

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth or to provide an alternative to dentures. At Riverside Dental Spa, we offer our patients a full and comprehensive choice of treatment options that include single implants, retained dentures and All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ – the revolutionary new procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day.

  1. Cover the Chips

Veneers are a great way of transforming your smile. They work by covering a broken, stained or chipped tooth with a porcelain or ceramic veneer and look just like real teeth. To give you an idea of the difference veneers can make, why not check out our veneer before and after pictures?

For a free smile makeover consultation, or to talk to us about any of our tooth whitening, straightening or replacement services, please call our friendly team on 020 7091 0677.

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