Ear Examinations

We’re delighted to be able to offer our patients a complete hearing assessment using the state of the art Tympa System. This revolutionary device enables us to conduct an ear assessment, hearing test and ear wax removal in just one appointment.

What is the Tympa System?

If you are having difficulty hearing what people are saying, think you have a build up of ear wax or it has been a while since your last hearing test, please get in touch to book your hearing assessment today.

With current waiting times for ear examinations at an all time high and most GPs no longer offering ear wax removal, it has become harder than ever to access good hearing healthcare. This is why we have invested in the Tympa System to enable us to offer patients a fast and efficient way to improve hearing and ear health.

What does the Tympa System do?

The Tympa System offers a digital ear examination, hearing test and microsuction wax removal all in one 30-minute visit. This means you don’t need to have multiple appointments and can feel the benefits of ear wax removal almost immediately.

We’ll remove the wax and any other debris from your ear first, as this may be impacting on your hearing, before conducting a hearing check. Depending on the results, you can then be referred on to a specialist if we find that you have hearing loss.

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Why you might need a hearing assessment

You might be considering an ear examination if you are experiencing earache, ear infection or hearing loss. It is not always that easy to tell if you are losing your hearing, so here are some signs to look out for:

  • Struggling to comprehend what others are saying, particularly in noisy environments.
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.
  • Having difficulty hearing on the phone.
  • Needing to turn up the volume of the television or music louder than others.
  • Falling behind in conversations or feeling like you're missing important information.
  • Feeling fatigued or stressed from the effort required to focus on what is being said.

The good news is that earwax impaction is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss - where sounds can’t pass from the outer ear to the inner ear due to a blockage. By removing the ear wax first using the Tympa System, we can determine whether your hearing loss is caused by wax or something else.

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Book now for your hearing test and ear wax removal in London

If you are suffering from hearing loss and want to find out what is causing it, call us now on 020 7091 0677 or click here to book an ear examination at our South West London practice.