World Smile Day 2016

Friday the 7th October is World Smile Day. This event takes place on the first Friday in October every year with the idea that all of us should devote at least one day a year to making other people by performing acts of kindness. There are endless ways that you can make someone smile, from giving a generous tip in a restaurant or bar, to complimenting a friend or stranger, or even just taking the time to listen to someone who is having a tough day.

Smiling can also have very positive effects on your health:

  • It can lower stress and anxiety
  • It releases endorphins that make you feel happier
  • It helps your immune system by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illness
  • You’ll be more approachable
  • You can be more attractive and appear more personable, empathetic and easy going

Are you confident in your smile?

It would be nice to think that everyone feels confident with their smile but sadly this isn't always the case. For those of us with missing teeth, less white teeth than we'd like,  gaps between our teeth or teeth that aren't perfectly straight, there is a tendency to feel  a little conscious of our imperfections. But a beautiful wide smile can transform how you and those around you feel, so it is important to help you achieve that confident smile and keep your physical and mental health in tip top condition. Booking an appointment at Riverside Dental Spa to help improve your smile could not be simpler. One of our experienced team can talk through options with you such as:


So remember to celebrate World Smile Day 2016 and make someone else happy this October 7th by performing a random act of kindness. You never know, someone may decide to make you smile too. And of course, if you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, simply give our friendly team a call on 0800 0154 222 to make an appointment.