Why More Adults Are Seeking Cosmetic Dental Treatment

A new British Orthodontic Society survey has revealed that an ever rising number of adults are now seeking cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments in the United Kingdom, with 66% of adult patients aged between 26 and 40 years old. Amongst the most popular cosmetic dental treatments being sought out by adults are:

  • Clear aligners – clear aligners such as Invisalign and RX aligners provide an invisible way to straighten teeth. In the past, many adults have avoided teeth straightening treatment despite being unhappy with their teeth as they were put off by the idea of wearing traditional and highly visible braces. Clear aligners allow adults to achieve a great smile without any of the associated anxieties of wearing braces, allowing the wearer to feel relaxed and more confident throughout treatment.
  • Six Month Smiles – another key turn-off of traditional braces for many adults is that treatment commonly takes between 12 and 18 months, or in some cases much longer. Six Month Smiles braces provide a discreet, cosmetic solution to crooked teeth that can achieve great results in as little as 6 months.
  • Dental veneers – veneers provide an ideal way of drastically improving the aesthetics of discoloured, chipped, or cracked teeth. Thin shells of porcelain are designed to fit over the unsightly visible areas of the tooth, providing great cosmetic results.
  • Teeth whitening – with many adults unhappy with the colour of their teeth as they become stained over time, increasing numbers of people are choosing teeth whitening treatments. Both at home and in surgery teeth whitening treatments are available and can provide impressive results, with teeth lightened several shades to provide a mouth full of pearly whites.
  • Dental implants – dental implants provide a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth, providing a more permanent and effective alternative to dentures. All-On-4 ‘Same Day teeth’ dental implants allow for a new tooth on a fixed bridge to be secured in a single day. As well as providing a natural looking and feeling solution to missing teeth, dental implants also help to keep the jaw healthier and stronger.

So why are more and more adults choosing cosmetic dentistry?

There are a number of key reasons for why cosmetic dental treatments are increasingly popular amongst adults. Previously, despite wishing to improve the way their teeth looked and lacking confidence in their smile, a key factor in putting adults off seeking cosmetic dentistry was that treatments such as braces may provide a solution, but also draw a lot of attention. With many discreet teeth straightening treatments now available, more and more adults are being drawn to invest in cosmetic dentistry and feel happier with their smile.

Another key factor in the increase of adults choosing cosmetic dental treatment is the growing awareness of the variety of treatments available and of how treatments such as teeth straightening, dental implants and teeth whitening can have an extremely positive impact on appearance, health and well-being. Many adults that undergo cosmetic dental treatments feel much happier with their appearance and experienced improved self-esteem. As a result, their quality of life is also improved as a whole.

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