Is Poor Oral Health Ruining Your Image?

Is Poor Oral Health Ruining Your Image?

Selfies are a fact of modern life. Scan social media or even take a walk in the park and the evidence is clear to see – we are becoming a society that revels in taking pictures of ourselves, in our favourite places, doing our favourite things. However, we’re not so keen on baring our teeth when saying ‘cheese’ according to the latest research.

In a nationwide poll from the Oral Health Foundation and Oral-B less than one third of us said we would pose for a photograph with our teeth on show, and the reason?... Discoloured teeth.

What causes discolouration of teeth?

There are a number of reasons why your teeth may become stained and discoloured, including:

  • Extrinsic discolouration – when the enamel on teeth is stained by consuming certain foods and drinks such as cola, coffee, tea and red wine or smoking.
  • Intrinsic discolouration – when the inner structure of the tooth known as dentin is discoloured due to overexposure to fluoride in childhood, use of tetracycline antibiotics at a young age or trauma to the tooth such as a fall.
  • Age related discolouration – as we get older the dentin naturally turns more yellow and the enamel on our teeth becomes thinner, making the dentin more visible. Foods and smoking will also cause increased discolouration of the teeth as we age.

Poor overall oral health can also contribute to your teeth becoming discoloured. Failure to brush correctly twice a day and missing dental check-ups or hygienist appointments will almost certainly exacerbate tooth discolouration.

How can Riverside Dental Spa Help?

If you’ve ditched your selfie stick because you are too embarrassed to share your toothy smile, we offer a number of treatments to restore your confidence:

Take home teeth whitening – a tried and tested method to restore the sparkle to your smile. This professional system will be custom made for your teeth and you’ll notice results in as little as seven to ten days. The greatest benefit of this treatment is you can carry it out in your own time, with most patients sleeping with their gel-filled tooth guards to enjoy the benefits of treatment overnight.

Enlighten teeth whitening – with home kit and in-surgery options and the guarantee to get your teeth to VITA Shade B1, this whitening system is a popular solution to the embarrassment of discoloured teeth. The benefits of this treatment are that it fits in easily with your lifestyle as no dietary changes are required and you will experience minimal pain and sensitivity.

Dental veneers – if your teeth are severely discoloured or we do not believe that whitening treatments will provide the desired results, we will most likely recommend veneers to cover the affected teeth. Dental veneers are made from thin shells of porcelain and are custom made to fit over the tooth for a long lasting and natural looking finish.

Alongside these cosmetic treatments we also recommend you visit us regularly for a dental check-up and hygienist appointment.

If you’re not happy with your smile talk to us today on 020 7091 0677 or book an appointment online.

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