Enlighten Tooth Whitening: A Safe and Effective Way to a Brighter Smile

Enlighten Tooth Whitening: A Safe and Effective Way to a Brighter Smile

Over time, teeth can become discoloured or stained due to a number of factors including the consumption of certain foods and drinks, smoking, and ageing. This discolouration can detract from an otherwise healthy smile, leading many people to seek tooth whitening solutions. Among the many options available, one stands out for its efficacy and safety: Enlighten tooth whitening. This professional whitening method, supervised by our dental experts, offers a promising solution to those looking to restore their teeth's natural whiteness, while minimising the risks of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. If you are interested in finding out how Enlighten tooth whitening can brighten your smile, please read on, or contact us today to book an appointment.

What to Expect From Your Treatment

Enlighten whitening treatment at our practice begins with an initial consultation to diagnose the type of discolouration and tailor the whitening process for your individual needs. You then undergo digital scans, which are more comfortable than traditional moulds, to create customised whitening trays. During the treatment period, you are provided with a free Enlighten tooth serum to prepare your teeth for the whitening process and ensure optimal health.

The treatment includes a two-week take-home Enlighten whitening kit, designed to gently and progressively lift both surface and deeper stains. For those opting for the Platinum System, there's a 40-minute in-surgery 'booster' treatment to ensure a lasting 'whiteness'. We also capture before and after photos to track your progress and provide future colour maintenance advice.

The Benefits of Enlighten Tooth Whitening

Having whiter teeth isn’t just about feeling more confident in your smile. There are many benefits to undergoing Enlighten tooth whitening treatment, including:

  • Comprehensive Solution: Enlighten offers more than just a whitening product, it provides a complete teeth whitening treatment which includes custom trays, tooth serum, and sensitivity gels.
  • Customised Treatment: The treatment process is customised according to your needs, starting with a consultation to determine the type of discolouration and adjust the process accordingly.
  • Effective and Safe: Enlighten is a professional teeth whitening system that is safe and highly effective when used as prescribed by a dentist.
  • No Dietary Restrictions: Unlike some other treatments, Enlighten does not require any dietary restrictions during or after the treatment, allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks, including tea and coffee.
  • Long-lasting Results: Enlighten treatment includes a take-home kit and a 'booster' treatment in our surgery to ensure lasting whiteness.
  • Comfort: The use of digital scans ensures the creation of comfortable and precise whitening trays for optimal patient comfort.
  • Maintenance Guidance: During and after your treatment we’ll share our expert advice on maintaining the results, helping to keep your teeth white for longer.

Start Your Journey to a Whiter Smile

If you’re serious about having your teeth whitened, then you couldn’t be in better hands. At Riverside Dental Spa, our dental team are experts in the safe and professional delivery of treatments such as Enlighten tooth whitening and can help you to restore confidence in your smile. To get started simply book a consultation with our treatment co-ordinator and we can explain the options, check your suitability for treatment and give you the lowdown on what to expect. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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