Why Your Face Deserves a Regular Facial Treatment

Why Your Face Deserves a Regular Facial Treatment

When we think about staying healthy, we focus a lot on making lifestyle changes such as exercising more and eating better to help us stay fit, prevent disease and protect our organs. However, whilst your skin is the body’s largest organ, skin care is not always given the level of importance that it deserves.

Your skin helps to regulate your body temperature, as well as protecting your internal organs from the outside world. Whilst our skin naturally ages with the rest of our body as we grow older, there are many outside elements that can damage our skin and can leave us looking older and less healthy. For example, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be very damaging to our skin.

Take care of your face

Your face is the area of your body that is exposed to the outside elements almost all the time. In addition to the sun, cold temperatures and winds can also take their toll. To keep your skin healthy, it’s important to cleanse and moisturise your face on a regular basis. However, this is a small part of caring for your skin.

Facial treatments may be seen as a luxury, but a regular facial is a highly effective way of caring for your face and keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. A facial treatment is more just a little face cream and cucumbers over your eyes; it provides a deep clean for your pores and flushes out the dirt that the human eye can’t see, combined with revitalising moisturisers, toners and facial massaging.

There are many benefits of a facial:

  • Anti-ageing – a facial helps to relax the muscles of your face and tone your skin, helping other anti-ageing products to absorb into the skin and work more effectively. As a result, regular facial treatments help to keep your skin looking younger.
  • Wellbeing – a facial treatment is not only relaxing, but the benefits of younger looking skin can also help to improve self-esteem and wellbeing.

How often should you get a facial?

We recommend that a facial treatment once a month can be very beneficial. More regular treatments can have the opposite effect, so aim to keep facials to once every 30 days or so. In between facials, it’s important to continue to look after your skin by washing and moisturising your face daily and using sun protection.

Opatra facials

At Riverside Dental Spa, use Opatra advanced skincare technologies to provide facial treatments.

DermiNeck – DermiNeck is an anti-ageing device, ergonomically designed to help firm the skin around your neck. This technology combines high speed facial massage, a heating/cooling system and light therapy into one hand-held device.

Dermisonic – Dermisonic offers a full range of skin repairing and anti-ageing treatments in a single device.

DermiEye – DermiEye helps to work on under eye dark circles, expression lines and puffiness by using galvanic sensors with your skin current.


To complement this treatment, why not consider world renowned Dr Zein Obagi skin products to treat and maintain your skin?

To make an enquiry about Opatra and Zein Obagi facials and treatments, feel free to call Riverside Dental Spa today on 0800 0154 222, or contact us online.

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