Why Regular Visits to Your Dentist Are So Important

Whilst an appointment with your dentist or hygienist might not be the most welcome date on your calendar, it is always an important one to attend.

Here we look at the key reasons that turning up to your scheduled check-up is so essential, helping to ensure you have healthy, painless teeth and a confident smile.

Oral Health

Maintaining excellent oral health keeps our teeth and gums functioning properly, so dental check-ups are essential. Even a simple scale and polish can remove any build-up of plaque between the teeth and gums, safeguarding against future issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Expert Advice

As part of a regular check-up your dentist is likely to offer some top tips on how to look after your teeth, that are tailored to your needs. This might include expert advice on your brushing technique, how to use interdental appliances, or recommending changes to your oral hygiene routine.

Further treatment

Regular appointments are an important opportunity for your dentist to recommend any dental work or treatments that are required. This could include standard procedures such as fillings or a tooth extractions, or orthodontic requirements such as teeth straightening. 

Spotting Issues

During a standard check-up your dentist will inspect and assess the health and development of your teeth and look for any sign of potential issues. This is essential as it allows your dentist to spot problems early and implement an effective course of preventative treatment.  

Oral Cancer Screening

When diagnosed in the early stages the survival rate for Oral Cancer is around 80%, but this falls to 45% after 5 years. This makes attending check-ups particularly important and potentially life-saving as your dentist will screen your mouth and gums for cancer at every appointment you attend. 

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