Whiter Than White: Why You Shouldn’t Take Risks with Teeth Whitening

Recent studies have found that over half of us are dissatisfied with the shade of our teeth. More and more of us desire Hollywood white teeth and as a result, demand for tooth whitening continues to grow. However, whilst effective tooth whitening treatments from Dentists are highly accessible, there is a worrying trend that people are taking risks and opting for over-the-counter whitening kits.

Whilst over-the-counter whitening kits may appear to be cheaper, the long-term effects could end up being much more expensive than safe, professional tooth whitening treatment from a trained dentist. Whilst home whitening kits that are available from shops are marketed as quick, easy and effective solutions for whiter teeth, many kits may either be ineffective, or putting consumers at risk of doing serious damage to their teeth and gums.

As hydrogen peroxide, commonly used in professional whitening treatments, is restricted in over-the-counter products, other chemicals may instead be used that could do considerable damage to the surface of your teeth. For example, whitening products that use citric acid can soften and dissolve the enamel. Citric acid may lead to a whitening effect, but once enamel is dissolved, it can’t be replaced and over time, the yellowing of the teeth would be a serious side effect – when enamel is lost, naturally yellow dentine comes to the surface.

The studies on over-the-counter teeth whitening were performed in a lab, so there has not been extensive research into the effects of using certain chemicals in whitening products. However, it’s well known that bleaching products can cause irritation and sensitivity to the teeth and gums. Whilst this is closely monitored by a dentist carrying out professional tooth whitening, this isn’t the case for shop-bought home kits.

Safe Tooth Whitening

At Riverside Dental Spa, we understand how much good a whiter smile can do for your confidence and self-esteem, however, we are also committed to ensuring professional, safe and long-lasting results.

Whilst high street teeth whitening kits may seem affordable, it’s important to understand that they carry a lot of risks. For a start, they are made for a mass audience, rather than being designed for your specific needs. For pearly whites that you will be proud to show, teeth whitening treatment from a qualified Dentist is the only way to go.

  • Zoom: We provide both ‘Same Day’ teeth whitening and professional take home teeth whitening kits, both of which are proven to be safe by numerous studies by dental experts.

    ‘Same Day’ Zoom whitening provides results in just one hour. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth, the gums are protected and a special Zoom activating light is used to break up the stains and discolouration of the teeth. Zoom’s take home kit includes custom made thin transparent guards and whitening gel that can be worn daily or overnight. Results can be seen after between 7 and 10 days in most cases.

  • Enlighten: Enlighten whitening system guarantees a B1 shade in just 2 to 4 weeks after the start of treatment, with minimal pain and sensitivity. The whitening trays are completely tailor made for your teeth to ensure the best results, whitening teeth by up to 16 shades.

    We provide both Gold Enlighten kits, which are at home whitening kits, and Platinum Enlighten kits, which combine the home kit with in-surgery whitening.

If you have any further questions you would like to ask about teeth whitening treatment or would like to request a consultation, please call us on 020 7091 0677.