The three best types of invisible orthodontic braces

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth straightened but are put off by the idea of having metal braces, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a whole host of invisible tooth straightening options at your disposal.

Much like traditional braces, invisible tooth straightening products can help straighten crooked or gappy teeth in a discreet way, giving you a smile to be proud of. At Riverside Dental Spa, we help create beautiful smiles through various types of invisible braces and have outlined our favourite three.

Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign braces work their magic in a discreet and effective way, meaning you can wear them and carry on with your life as normal. The aligners are changed every one to two weeks and can be removed for mealtimes, allowing you to easily continue your oral hygiene regime. 

This type of brace is often popular with people that want an effective and discreet tooth straightening solution that offers them the flexibility to carry on their life as normal. They can be used for all kinds of tooth problems, including overcrowding, overbites, deep bites and underbites, and treatment times range from six to eighteen months.

RX Aligners

RX Aligners are like Invisalign and straighten your teeth through a series of clear retainers. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks and gently moves your teeth a small amount until they are in the required position. These types of braces are perfect for correcting mildly crooked, overlapping or unevenly spaced teeth.

Six Month Smiles

If you’re really fed up with your wonky teeth, you might be looking for quick and impressive tooth straightening results. That’s where Six Month Smiles can help, offering a fixed treatment with superb results in a short space of time – making them perfect if you’ve got a special occasion like a wedding coming up.

Six Month Smiles were developed and tested in America and are exploding in popularity here in the UK. The brace system uses very small clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to ease the teeth into their new position comfortably and effectively. Finally, they’re often less expensive than traditional braces, making them a fantastic all round option.

While braces might seem expensive, you can’t put a price on having a fantastic smile that boosts your confidence and improves your overall appearance. What’s more, having straight teeth means you’re less likely to suffer from tooth decay, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need expensive dental work in the future.

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