Spring Clean Your Dental Routine

Spring Clean Your Dental Routine

Spring is almost upon us and the change in season heralds the start of all things new. It’s the perfect opportunity to spring clean your dental routine, getting rid of old habits and manky toothbrushes to make sure your teeth and gums are getting the best care and attention. If you have got out of sync with your dental check ups over the last couple of years, or just want to make sure you avoid future issues, read on to find out how we can help you start a new and improved dental hygiene routine.

Out With the Old and In With the New

It goes without saying that the first thing you should do is review the status of your toothbrush. If you use a manual toothbrush, you should look to replace it every 3-4 months and an electric toothbrush head every 3 months.

Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

To get the best oral health routine you need the best equipment and this includes an electric toothbrush. Far superior to a manual toothbrush due to its oscillating head, an electric toothbrush is more effective at removing plaque and therefore helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Get Squeaky Clean in Between

It isn’t just the surfaces of your teeth that bacteria and debris can stick to but also the spaces in between your teeth. They might seem hard to reach but with dental floss, dental tape or interdental brushes, you can easily get that squeaky clean feeling in between your teeth too. If you haven’t used these before or it’s been a while, speak to us about the best interdental cleaning solution for you.

Quit Smoking

9th March is National #NoSmokingDay and a great time to start your journey to give up smoking. When you smoke you have less oxygen in your bloodstream so if your gums get infected they can’t heal properly. Smoking also results in a greater build up of plaque and higher risk of gum disease meaning you are more likely to lose teeth.

Book in For Your Dental Check Up

If you want to get back into good oral health habits the best way to start it is by booking in for your overdue dental check up. This gives our dental team a chance to assess your mouth for any signs of plaque, gum disease, alignment or jaw issues and oral cancer. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions about your oral care routine.

Make a Hygienist Appointment

When you book in to see a dentist we will also recommend an appointment with one of our hygiene team. This is so that your teeth can receive a scale and polish, removing stubborn plaque and stains and giving you that squeaky clean feeling. Your hygienist can also advise you on how to use floss or interdental brushes and the best toothbrush techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you’re ready to spring clean your dental routine and want to book in for a dental check up or hygienist appointment please call us on 0800 0154 222 or click here to send us a message.


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