How smoking is damaging your teeth

We all know that smoking is bad for our health; breathing in a cocktail of dangerous chemicals that can contribute directly to heart disease, stroke, multiple forms of cancer and many other illnesses.

Because tobacco smoke is inhaled through our mouths, smoking also has a serious effect on our oral health and can cause a range of issues that can even lead to tooth loss. So, in support of national ‘No Smoking Day’ on 14th March, here is a list of just a few reasons why smoking is damaging your teeth and threatening your oral health.


The nicotine and tar inhaled when smoking stains the outer layers of our teeth and is very difficult to remove without dental care. This staining very quickly gives teeth an unsightly yellow or orange hue, with long-term smokers often finding their teeth can become brownish in colour if they have smoked heavily for a long period of time.

Bad breath

Smoking leaves thousands of particles in our throat and lungs, so the stale smell of cigarette or cigar smoke can last on our breath for hours. The chemicals in tobacco also linger in the mouth when cigarette smoke is inhaled, reducing saliva production and drying out the palate, making your breath far more prone to symptoms of halitosis.    

Gum Disease

Smokers are four times more likely to develop issues with Gum Disease than non-smokers, as inhaling tobacco smoke exacerbates many of the issues that lead to the condition developing. These include the build up of plaque and recession of the gums that can ultimately lead to tooth loss.   

Oral Cancer

Unsurprisingly, tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer in the UK. Because tobacco is a carcinogenic, meaning it contains chemicals that can seriously damage the DNA in our cells, it poses a serious threat to the tissues in our mouths, with high exposure increasing the risk. 

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