Christmas Oral Health Tips

With the festive season just around the corner, temptation is everywhere!  Whilst we don’t want to be all ‘bah humbug’ about enjoying yourselves this Christmas, it is worth remembering that too much sugar and a relaxed oral health routine can cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums.

Here are our top tips on how to maintain good oral health at Christmas.

Don’t forget the routine 

It’s easy to get out of the routine over Christmas when you are staying up later, visiting friends and family and generally enjoying time off work. 

Just because you’re doing things outside the norm, doesn’t mean you can neglect your teeth – after all they are going to be under even more attack over Christmas as you indulge in more sweet treats, alcohol and sugary drinks than you would normally.  So, remember to brush your teeth twice a day and if you’re away visiting the relatives, don’t forget your toothbrush!

Say cheese 

And no we don’t mean taking more selfies.  Eating cheese is good for your teeth because it helps your mouth return to its normal acid balance, thus reducing the chances of tooth decay developing.  So, make sure you save some space after your main meal for the cheeseboard, because even a small amount of cheese can have the desired effect.

Beware of hidden sugars 

Whether it’s the mince pies, the Christmas pudding or the dried fruits you can’t resist after a meal, remember that even fruit, which might seem like the healthier alternative, contains a lot of sugar.  Because they stick to your teeth, these foods will keep attacking your teeth throughout the day so try and keep them to a minimum.

Use a bottle opener

It might be your party trick, but opening a bottle of beer with your teeth can cause serious damage.  Remember to always keep a bottle opener handy so you don’t have to resort to using your teeth as tools!

And remember, if you’re trying to get children into a good oral health routine, toothbrushes make a great Christmas present.  There are many manual and electric toothbrushes available now featuring their favourite characters, so adding one as a stocking filler might mean you don’t have to nag on Christmas night to get your little ones to brush their teeth as they’ll be so excited to test out their new present.

If you need any further guidance on looking after your teeth this Christmas, please speak to us at your next appointment.



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