Are You Brushing Your Teeth All Wrong?

Are You Brushing Your Teeth All Wrong?

Excellent oral health should be a top priority in our everyday lives, to maintain positive overall health. One of the best things you can do as part of your dental care routine is brush your teeth. However, it is only effective when done correctly.

Knowing if you are brushing your teeth wrong can be tricky, which is where our tips can help:

Two Minutes

While brushing your teeth, duration is often just as important as technique. The official dental associations for both Britain and America recommend brushing your teeth for a minimum of two minutes. It can be difficult to guess when 120 seconds have passed without counting down. Therefore, finding a timer or a two-minute song can be really helpful, especially with younger children who lose focus quite easily.

Teeth and Gums

For a thorough clean, brushing the front, top and back of each tooth is key. Efficient brushing techniques will help you to remove plaque build-up, clean away food debris and keep your breath fresh.

However, it is important to be aware of your gums while brushing, by not being too abrasive. Your gums can be sensitive; however, they do need to be cleaned too. So, you need to find the right pressure.


It is highly recommended to use a fluoride toothpaste, as it fights against tooth decay. Children below three years of age are recommended to have at least 1000ppm of fluoride in their toothpaste. Older children are recommended 1350ppm – 1500ppm of fluoride in their toothpaste. Children under seven years old should only use a pea sized amount of toothpaste.

After brushing, always spit out your toothpaste without rinsing after. If your rinse your mouth out after brushing, your mouth misses out on toothpaste benefits.


When choosing between an electric and manual toothbrush, neither are superior as it is down to technique. However, it is important for your toothbrush to have soft bristles for gentler cleans. Otherwise, hard bristles can pull back gum tissue from your tooth. As a result, it can increase your teeth sensitivity by exposing the tooth’s root.

As soon as your toothbrush bristles begin to look worn, it is time to replace the brush, so that you can continue to benefit from a thorough clean.


Finding something to motivate you while brushing your teeth always helps. Whether this is an electric toothbrush, flavoured toothpaste or some music to brush too. Many people who listen to an audio while cleaning their teeth have reported to feel cleaner and more productive.

Book Your Dental Check-Up

At Riverside Dental Spa we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care for each patient. Attending regular dentist check-up appointments is essential for monitoring your oral health and spotting signs of tooth decay as early as possible. Our dentists and hygienists are here to offer advice and treatment options if you ever may need it.

You can book your appointment online or call our team on 020 7091 0677

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