White (tooth coloured) fillings

  • White (tooth coloured) fillings

White (tooth coloured) fillings

  • A procedure for minor dental corrections, ‘white fillings’ – also known as composite bonding – offer a quick and affordable way to correct a variety of dental flaws such as:

    • Cracks
    • Chips
    • Gaps
    • Short or uneven teeth
    • Tooth decay
    • Discoloration

    What would ‘white filling’ treatment involve?

    After inspecting the tooth in question, your dentist will select a colour for your white filling that matches your teeth that surround it. Your dentist will then shape the white filling to fill in any cracks or gaps or change the shape of your tooth. This means, like a chameleon effect, your new filling will disappear to the eye and will look the same colour and shape as your other teeth – leaving you will a natural looking, perfect smile.

    How long would ‘white filling’ treatment take?

    White fillings can be completed in a single visit, unless you are having several teeth treated. Depending on the size and number of fillings, the procedure can take from half an hour to a couple of hours.

    How much do ‘white fillings’ cost?

    White fillings typically cost between £90 and £180 per tooth, with the cost varying depending on the extent of treatment required. This will be determined by the clinician.

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