Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

We all love the summer. Longer days, better weather and chances to get out and do things more easily, make it a fun time of the year. But there is a downside to the summer, and that is that we can easily forget to take care of ourselves when outdoors. Even on a cloudy day, the UV rays of the sun can take their toll if we do not protect our skin.

We are all know that regular applications of sun screen, hats, and sunglasses are the best preventative measures but over time you may notice the effects of the sun on your skin. That is why it is reassuring to know that there are ways to redress the balance if our skin has had a little too much sun. As Skincare Awareness Week approaches it is worth giving your skin some extra consideration.

At Riverside Dental Spa we are proud to offer OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance which is a skin peel treatment that can help with any sun damage on the face and neck areas (and anywhere else too in fact). Removing damaged areas gently, this peel treatment exfoliates using low doses of Trichlororoacetic Chemical Acid (TCA) mixed with a unique blue glycerine base.

Whilst removing the outer damaged skin, and enabling healthier, firmer and more radiant skin to take its place, this type of skin treatment also provides an overall improvement in texture and tone. This is noticeable immediately, but your skin will continue to show signs of improvement for a further 30-40 days as new skin emerges.

The OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance treatment can be undertaken as a one - off treatment, but is also suitable for more regular use, and many clients use it for 4 to 6 sessions at a time. Because it is applied by knowledgeable, trained aesthetic practitioners, it is safe and effective.

The OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance can make a big difference to your skin and, in combination with some consistent sun protection, and a great skin care regime, can make your skin the best it can be this summer!



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