Six Month Smiles: Transform Your Appearance and Confidence

Six Month Smiles: Transform Your Appearance and Confidence

If you have big plans for 2020, Six Month Smiles can have your misaligned teeth looking like new. These invisible braces use the best elements of braces and tailor the treatment to deliver impeccable results in as short as six months.

How They Work

Six Month Smiles is an invisible brace system which uses very fine brackets and wires. These help to ease your teeth into a corrective position, with key focus on your front teeth.

The Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok™ features a barely there design, with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. To understand your investment, Six Month Smiles provide a predictable final result which your orthodontist can discuss with you.

The Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits™ are also available to ensure that your orthodontic appointments are comfortable and convenient. You can feel reassured that during your treatment it will be safe and hygienic for you as the patient.

Health Benefits of Teeth Straightening

As well as helping with confidence issues, realigning your teeth has certain health benefits too. When your teeth are too widely spaced apart or overcrowded, it can cause your gums to become red or inflamed. This could also be a possible symptom of periodontal disease. Straighter teeth allow your gums to sit more securely between each tooth as a shield against these type of problems.

The pressure placed on your teeth from crooked teeth can stress your gums and supportive bones. As this worsens, it could turn into jaw misalignment, leading to chronic headaches and face and neck pains.

Furthermore, when your teeth become overcrowded, they can begin to rub against your upper teeth. Therefore, leading to chewing difficulties and wear to your teeth’s enamel. When straightened, misaligned teeth can be much easier to clean to reduce your risk of plaque build-up and tooth decay.

Impacting Your Mental Health

If misaligned teeth are an insecurity of yours, undergoing our Six Month Smiles treatment can make a huge difference. When resolving a personal security, you will begin to notice a boost of confidence and self-esteem within yourself. In addition to feeling more confident in social situations which once left you trembling with nerves.

Teeth straightening treatments can also push you to become a more outgoing person. If crooked teeth left you struggling with your health or ability to chew food, corrective treatment may be what you need for confidence to attend more events. All while feeling comfortable and at peace within yourself.

Receive Your Six Month Smile

At Riverside Dental Spa our team of dentists and hygienists put patient health first. Our practice aims to provide first class treatments in a safe and welcoming environment. During your consultation we will fully explain your treatment options, listen to any concerns and answer questions you may have.

To enquire for your Six Month Smile, call our practice in Vauxhall on 020 7091 0677 today.

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