Showcase Your Teeth this National Smile Month

Showcase Your Teeth this National Smile Month

National Smile Month, which takes place this year from 17th May to 17th June, is the perfect excuse to showcase your teeth and the great work you have been doing with your oral health routine. Spreading your smile far and wide, will not only encourage others to look after their teeth and gums but will also promote positivity, friendship and compassion - three things we are definitely in need of after a challenging year!

As always, we are keen to get our patients involved in National Smile Month, to help spread positive messages about oral health and the importance of having a healthy mouth. If you would like to join us, there are several ways that you and your family can get involved in this year’s #SmileMonth:

Join in The Great British Brushathon

Get the whole family involved in the Great British Brushathon, which takes place on 2nd June 2021 at 9am. This communal toothbrushing event, aims to connect people from around the world with the aim of promoting good oral health and having a healthy smile.  Simply take a selfie of yourself (and your family if you wish) whilst brushing and upload to social media with the hashtags #GreatBritishBrushathon and #SmileMonth on 2nd June.

Tag your friends and family in to spread the oral health message and if you’re stuck for words try:

“I’m supporting National #SmileMonth because looking after my smile is really important for my teeth, gums and mental health too. #GreatBritishBrushathon.”

You could even try live streaming if you want to showcase your toothbrushing technique and routine!

Share Your Smile

If you take good care of your teeth or have recently had treatment, perhaps here at Riverside Dental Spa, to straighten your teeth, fill in gaps or make your smile whiter, then you’ll probably feel more confident about sharing your smile. National Smile Month is the perfect opportunity to do this and encourage others to look after their smiles in the process. 

Visit the Oral Health Foundation website for some great ideas on how to spread the message and don’t forget to include the hashtags #SmileMonth and #Sharingasmile when sharing your smile on social media.

Encourage Children to Look After Their Teeth

Of course this is something you need to be doing all year round, but National Smile Month reminds us about the great resources that are out there to help encourage children to look after their teeth. The Dental Buddy programme from the Oral Health Foundation is a great resource to enable you to teach oral health education at home.

You can also use National Smile Month as an opportunity to reinforce a good oral health routine at home, this might include:

  • Sticker reward charts for great toothbrushing
  • Regular brushing times and tie this in with your child learning to tell the time
  • Brushing to music - to promote it as a fun activity and help your child stick to 2 minutes of brushing

Visit the Oral Health Foundation website to find out more about National Smile Month activities, or ask at your next appointment here at Riverside Dental Spa for more tips on toothbrushing!

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