My Teeth are Wonky: What are my Options?

My Teeth are Wonky: What are my Options?

One of the most common reasons that patients visit our orthodontists for treatment is to correct misaligned teeth. 

Leaving wonky teeth to go untreated can expose us to multiple health complications, including poor dental hygiene leading to a higher risk of gum disease and dental decay due to food stagnation in harder to clean areas. 

When your smile is not correctly aligned this can make it difficult to clean your teeth and gums effectively, resulting in bad breath from left over food and stubborn stains. 

When bacteria levels in your mouth get too high, they eventually form into a build-up of plaque, which puts you at a higher risk of gum disease. Gum disease is a serious infection, which in some cases can affect your entire body rather than just your mouth. 

Unfortunately, you cannot realign your teeth overnight. However, there are many options provided by our orthodontists to help treat wonky teeth and keep oral health in check. 


Braces are the most popular form of teeth straightening treatment because of their convenience and effective results. However, if you are conscious of your appearance and wish to avoid traditional braces, here at Riverside Dental Spa we provide invisible braces for a more hidden treatment. 

Our range of invisible braces are available for both teenagers and adults, with treatment taking as little as six months. 


Aligners are similar to braces but can be removed for added convenience. Being able to take your aligners out while eating and brushing means you won’t need to be cautious of your diet or risk having stubborn food stuck in your braces.  

Our RX Aligners are also invisible in design and use the latest digital technology to be manufactured in accordance to your dental prescription.  

Crowns & Bridges 

Teeth grinding, tooth decay, age, improper bite and fillings are leading factors in teeth becoming damaged - but if you suffer with worn down, cracked or broken teeth they can be repaired with crowns and bridges or simple filling procedures where suitable. 

Metal crowns offer a stronger solution at the back of your mouth, though for a natural looking restoration all-ceramic crowns are your answer. Ceramic crowns are hand crafted to match the appearance of your surrounding teeth to help fittings blend in naturally, so no one can tell you’ve undergone treatment. 


If the issue is damage or discolouration to your teeth rather than misalignment, veneers are an ideal option. Wafer-thin porcelain or ceramic shells are used to cover the visible surface of your tooth in order to disguise discolouration, chips and cracks. Veneers are long lasting solutions that can transform your smile with natural looking results. 

Visiting Your Orthodontist 

To begin your treatment on realigning wonky teeth, browse our treatments to see what we can provide and call a member of our team to book your appointment on 020 7091 0677

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