Is It Better to Go to a Private Dentist?

Is It Better to Go to a Private Dentist?

When visiting a dentist you have two choices - NHS or private. There are key differences between these two options and to help you understand why going to a private dentist might be better, we have presented some useful information below.


Generally speaking, private dental appointments are more readily available than NHS ones. This is because there is only so much provision for NHS subsidised care and therefore, it might not be possible to find an appointment where and when you want it. You may need to join a waiting list to access NHS dental appointments, which of course isn't feasible if you are in pain or need to see a dentist quite urgently.


NHS dental appointments tend to be limited to around 10 to 15 minutes each. Again, this is due to the limited provision and budget for these services. Private dental appointments, by contrast, tend to be allocated to allow for up to double this time, depending on the patient's individual needs.

Private Dentist Costs

NHS dental care is subsidised by the government, which means it costs less. Private dental care on the other hand, needs to be paid fully by the patient, though this can be through a dental plan or insurance.


The good news is that private dental costs are becoming more affordable, with dental plans and special offers available to help make treatment easier to budget for. At Riverside Dental Spa, we offer 2 dental plans to help you spread the cost of your routine dental care, as well as finance options on many of our treatments. We also have some amazing special offers, available periodically for a limited time, to help you get a great deal on treatments such as Invisalign.


Although NHS dental care is available to all, there are some people who will be eligible for free treatment. These include patients under the age of 18, or 19 if they are in full time education. Pregnant mothers or those who have given birth in the last 12 months are also eligible for free dental care.

Treatments Available

On the NHS you can only have treatments that are considered essential to your oral health. Whilst this will include check ups, fillings and extractions, it doesn’t cover the extensive range of cosmetic treatments offered by a private dentist including teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings, smile makeovers, dental braces and in some cases, dental implants. Braces are available on the NHS for some children, however, they are assessed on a case by case basis according to the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) and the dentist would need to demonstrate that braces are required for health reasons.

In an Emergency, Call a Private Dentist

As we have previously mentioned, finding an NHS appointment can be time consuming and often requires you to travel beyond your immediate area. For this reason, finding an NHS dentist who can offer you emergency care when you need it might be very difficult. In an emergency situation, it is advisable to call a private dentist. At Riverside Dental Spa we do our best to see patients as soon as we possibly can during an emergency, which means you will almost always be seen within 24 hours.

Private Dentist London

As you can imagine in the capital, NHS appointments are quickly snapped up and waiting times can be longer than hoped. Thankfully, we can offer cost effective, fantastic quality private dental care from the comfort of our Vauxhall practice. We boast a relaxed, spa-like experience, unhurried appointments and a friendly, dedicated team. Come and see for yourself, book now for your first appointment by calling 020 7091 0677 or click here to send us a message at your convenience.


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