Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants

Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are considered an ideal option for replacing missing teeth or for providing a permanent alternative to dentures. Our dental implant system provides a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth.

    As a practice that specialises in providing dental implants, we are able to offer our patients with a full and comprehensive choice of treatment options that include single implants, implant retained dentures and All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ – the revolutionary new procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day.

    Why choose Riverside Dental Spa for dental implants?

    • Free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator who will take the time to understand your concerns and answer any questions you may have
    • Highly experienced implant surgeon – so you can rest assured that your smile is in safe hand
    • A gentle, caring approach – for personalised dental care that is all about you

    • A detailed dental implant treatment plan and no hidden costs – so you can be clear about the cost of treatment, and confident about what is involved before you make any decisions

    • Great value – single dental implant placement, including crown only £2495*
    • 0% finance – for affordable monthly payments that can fit within your budget
    • Comprehensive choice of dental implant treatment options – so that you can find the right treatment option to best suit your individual requirements and budget.

    Frequently asked questions

    How long will my dental implants last?

    With proper care and cleaning, dental implants can last a lifetime. Like natural teeth, with the passing of time, the crowns could become worn or damaged. The big difference is that your new teeth can easily be repaired or replaced, using the same implants for support.

    Can I eat whatever I want with dental implants?

    Yes, there is no difference between natural and implant-supported teeth in what you can eat. If you have experienced problems earlier, you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive change that has taken place.

    What is the success rate of dental implants?

    After their healing period, the success rate of dental implants is between 94% and 98%. If you are a non-smoker with good oral hygiene, the percentage is closer to 98%.

    If you have any questions or would like any further information about dental implants, please call us on 020 7091 0677 or request a free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator.



    All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ for a perfect new smile in a single day

    This is a fantastic, modern alternative to ill-fitting dentures. Our All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ process uses dental implants to secure a full set of new teeth on a fixed bridge. The implants are placed in such a way that the bridge can be successfully secured even where the natural structures of the jaw have been eroded after years of wearing dentures. So even where a bone graft may have been needed to place traditional implants and crowns, we can usually avoid this and proceed with All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ to provide you with a fully functional set of new teeth quickly and efficiently.

    No more discomfort or embarrassment

    Millions of people in the UK needlessly live with uncomfortable dentures, failing crowns and bridges, plus loose teeth that extracting – all of which affect their quality of life. At Riverside Dental Spa we can put an end to these years of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

    Look great… instantly!

    Our experts offer a revolutionary treatment that involves fitting completely natural looking arches of replacement teeth using dental implants. Amazingly, we can achieve this in just one day, leaving you with an instant result that totally transforms your smile and your confidence.

    How is the procedure for All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ carried out?

    During your initial consultation, your mouth will be examined by our Dental Implant Surgeon before the decision to perform the dental implant procedure is made. He/She will determine the condition of your jaws and gums and then assess your clinical needs and personal requirements. You will then be provided with a full written treatment plan so that you may be clear about the cost of treatment, and what is involved, before you make any decisions.

    In comparison with traditional implants, All-On-4 ‘Same Day Teeth’ can mean less implants and hence less invasive and can still be used even after years of wearing traditional dentures with associated jaw erosion.

    Prior to the surgery, we will work with you to fully explain the procedure and give you a clear idea of how your new teeth will look and function. If you are suitable, on the day of surgery, your dentist will place 4 or 6 dental implants and after a couple of hours, the new teeth will be fitted over the top. New teeth in a single day!